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● Tutbury War Memorial Preservation Committee (TWMPC)
● Tutbury War Memorial Preservation Project (TWMPP)
● Tutbury War Memorial Garden Renovation Project (planning)
● Tutbury War Memorial Wreath Holder (planning)
● Tutbury Book of Remembrance:

● Volume I – The Fallen of WWI – 1st Edition
● Volume I – The Fallen of WWI – 2nd Edition
● Volume II – The Fallen of WWII and Those Who served (preparatory research)
● Volume III –Preserving War Memorials (planned)
● Volume IV – The 15 War Memorials of Tutbury (planned)
● Volume V – The British League of Help for the Devastated Areas of France (planned)

● Websites

● Tutbury Book of Remembrance
● Tutbury St. Mary’s
● Tutbury in Bloom

● Talks on:

● War Memorial Preservation Project
● The War Memorials of Tutbury
● Tutbury Book of Remembrance
● Researching Social History (particular emphasis on WWI)

● Displays:

● Tutbury Book of Remembrance
● War Memorial Preservation Project
● Tutbury St. Mary’s War Memorials and War Graves pamphlet
● Tutbury St. Mary’s Visitors’ pamphlet

● Organisations:

● War Memorials Trust – Regional Volunteers
● Commonwealth War Graves Commission – Volunteers
● Western Front Association – Members

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