Andricks Research Group (ARG) performs historical research, mainly concerning WWI and churches, and then produces websites and  publishes books based on the research. We have also published books written by friends that relate to these topics..  

The current websites supported by ARG are:

www.tbor.org.uk Tutbury Book of Remembrance, remembering the Tutbury Fallen of WW1
www.tutburyremembers.org.uk Documenting the fifteen War Memorials in Tutbury and the Conservation of the Stone Cross War Memorial (currently this website is being rebuilt and has a large number of broken links)

We also provide limited website design, build and maintenance services plus advice on research related to names on War Memorials and about War Memorial identification, documentation and Conservation. And now we also do some PR work!  A list of activities can be found read at Andricks – Resources and Services

Boot – Andricks’ CEO and Chief Designer

After approval from our CEO, we have now expanded our activities to elements of Church Conservation and related websites and fund raising.

For further information contact Rick or Jane Nuth

810 166  (01283)